Understanding Indiana Adoption: What Pregnant Women Need to Know

9 March 2023
By Diib

Considering whether or not to pursue adoption for your unborn child is one of the most challenging—and important—decisions you’ll ever make. Indiana adoption is much the same as it is in other parts of the country, with some state-specific regulations to consider. Unplanned pregnancy is a complicated situation, but it doesn’t have to be all negative. With good adoption options for pregnant women, support networks for moms looking to pursue adoption, and a look at the positive elements of adoption, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing. 

So much of the stress in considering adoption is in the unknown, but having all the information will bolster your confidence in your decision and the greater plan. This is what gives us all comfort: knowing that we are doing good in the name of our unborn child, for families who want and are ready for that experience, and in the name of our faith.

We support you with compassion and understanding. It’s more important than ever when you’re considering adoption options. For pregnant women, nothing is more vital than support without judgment. Tapestry Adoption is unlike any of the other adoption agencies in Indiana; we don’t exist to participate in the “business” of adoption. We aim to help moms with unplanned pregnancies who may not be ready for motherhood find a positive solution. We know your child’s life matters—not just during the pregnancy but also in the future beyond that amazing process. 

For mothers considering Indiana adoptions, Tapestry will guide you through every step of the process. Through the ups and downs of adoption, we will be there beside you, the way our faith is always there to guide us.

I’m Pregnant—What Happens Now? 

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up a lot of powerful emotions. There is a lot of information to digest, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. That’s okay! You are not alone, and there is help. Adoption agencies in Indiana, like Tapestry, exist to help you find your way to a solution that is best for you and your unborn child. We want you to have the best possible opportunities, and you deserve the same respect as prospective adoptive parents. We are happy to provide compassionate counseling from the moment you call us and even after the birth.

Tapestry believes that you need to have all the information as you consider your decision. What are your options? If you truly are not ready for a child in your life, adoption is a beautiful and selfless decision. We think that when you have the support you need and see the extraordinary life you can create for your child, you will be empowered to choose adoption.

How Can I Make My Decision? 

Several factors influence your decision, but ultimately you have the choice, and you must decide what is right for you and your baby. 

Raising a child is expensive. For young mothers or those in unstable financial situations, raising children may not be a viable choice. While there are support systems in place for people who need help, you may decide that your baby will be better off with parents more financially equipped to deal with the expenses. 

Motherhood is a tremendous responsibility. Not everyone is ready right when it happens, and that’s perfectly normal. With help, you may find yourself more prepared for the responsibilities involved, but if you weigh the risks and decide that your child will be better off with other parents, you are not alone in this. 

We stand with you, and so does the faith that guides us.

What Do I Need to Know About Adoption in Indiana?

Once you’re ready to begin the adoption process, you should know your options and the rules in place to help ensure a safe and fulfilling experience for all parties. 

Requirements for Adoption

Families who wish to adopt must meet certain requirements in the state of Indiana. Prospective parents must be legal residents of the state, and at least 21 years of age. Indiana adoption requires no income-specific levels, but the parents must show that their home is a suitable environment for raising a child. 

What Happens to My Baby After Adoption?

One important consideration is whether to elect for open or closed adoption. An open adoption allows you to maintain contact with the adoptive family, building a relationship with your child and their parents. These communications come in many forms: letters, phone calls, photographs, and sometimes in-person visits. Open adoption allows you to provide a stable home for your child while also remaining part of their life. 

You may not be comfortable with open adoption, and that’s okay—many women who pursue adoption aren’t comfortable with this option. Once you go through the process, you will know that your child’s adoptive family has passed rigorous requirements and will be the perfect home for your little one. 

The Positive Aspects of Adoption in Indiana

So much is often shown about the negative aspects of adoption. We believe in the power of the positive aspects. For expectant mothers choosing to place their child for adoption, we feel comfort in the fact that this is the path you were meant to take. Not every mother is ready to be a mother, and nothing is wrong with that. Rather than forcing yourself into a situation that makes both you and your baby unhappy or even puts you at risk, adoption can give you both a chance at a better life. 

Go on to build the career that you want before trying again, knowing your child is growing up safe and healthy with a loving family. Avoid the stresses of responsibility you weren’t ready for while doing good for prospective parents who were unable to have children of their own. 

Indiana Adoption isn’t intrinsically negative. By pursuing the path of adoption for your unborn child, you are putting good into the world. Always remember that adoption is a good thing, even if it’s done out of necessity, and that sometimes, it may be the right choice for you and your baby. 

Let Us Help You With Your Adoption in Indiana

We can answer questions and help you decide what is best for your life and that of your baby. While we won’t pretend this is an easy decision, we will stand by you at every step and help you find peace, comfort, and understanding. Compassion fuels our services, helping you find solace and faith in your decision, whatever you choose. Contact us, and we promise you will find no judgment or challenge, only open arms and an honest desire to help you through this process.

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