Meet Our
Tapestry Adoption Team

We like to say we’re Tapestry and we are “cut from a different cloth”. We aren’t your typical adoption agency. We are a ministry.

We aren’t just “faith based”. Our faith is lived out in every interaction we have with you as an expectant mom. You will feel that difference from the first phone call or text. We want you to know you have the support of a counselor and a mentor for as long as you need them. We care about you, not just your baby. We want you to be in a better place after working with us in all areas of your life. You may need support to leave an abusive relationship, find a place to live or support with rent and utilities. Perhaps, you are able to move and start again. It’s your journey, but we will walk with you.

Our goals with our families are different too. Adoption is a big money business. That’s not who we are. We work with area churches to provide programs to help families adopt without mortgaging their homes or going into severe debt. Our adoptions are less than 1/3 the cost of the big agencies. No one talks about this part of adoption, but we do. We serve our expectant moms with the same honor and respect that we treat our adoptive parents. You are all so very important. You’ll feel that difference after your first phone call. We promise…no pressure, no judgement, honest answers.